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Author Keith Seafield
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For those who don't know, I own the Fire Patrol rig that was used by my grandfather in the early fifties. I am almost finished with its 4 year restoration. Just a few more weeks and it will be ready for a nice new paint job. A few friends of mine suggested that I write a book about the rig itself. It is an interesting story that spans 60 years, 30 of them in fire service! I have started on the book and hope to have it finished a few months after the restoration is finally completed. It will be published by an on line book printing company. They do print-on-demand publishing of books which means no up front costs for me like when I did the Patrol book. The downside of this process means a slightly less quality and in increase in the cost of the books.


Mike Pack and I are considering doing a second volume of the History of the Fire Insurance Patrol. We had so many left over Patrol photos that we wanted to share, that we thought a pictorial history of the Patrol would be an interesting companion to our original book. Let us know your thoughts on these projects!!


Thanks and stay tuned!!



Russ Kinsch
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Your grandfather and my father must be related. My father is Michael Kinsch, born May 15, 1921. His father was John Kinsch, born 1894. My father and his father were born and raised in Chicago. There aren't that many people with the same last name spelled this way. One of my father's distant cousins runs the steel mills in Europe. The family immigrated from Luxembourg in the 1800's. Also, my grandfathers cousin was an Archbishop.

Russ Kinsch
Joe Lambert
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Go for it. Sounds great!
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