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My Grandfather served on the Patrol before going over to CFD, where he became a Truck Lt. and later served as Presidnet of Local 2.  Any chance you would have a copy of his service record withthe Patrol.  Needless to say my father is a Patrol Buff with many badges, buttons and helmets from the Chicago Patrol.  His a copy of his Dad's record woul be a nice addition to his collection.  My Grandfather's name was James T. McGuire.

Keith Seafield
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Hi Brian

I know your Dad and have sent him any and all info I have on your grandfather. I don't believe I had much because the service records I have are from 1932 and your grandfather went on the Patrol in the 40's or early 50's. I also have a roster from 1958 but by that time, he was on the CFD. Thanks for posting a message.

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Thanks for the quick response nice website.
Paula J. Sievert
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My father was on the Chicago Fire Insurance Patrol after WWII. I didn't ever have much information about his service with the Chicago Fire Department. I just knew that he volunteered and knew what he had to do when called. I can now show my family this web site. They'll be so proud. And, I'm so excited. I thought this was a forgotten history of the Chicago Fire dept. Any chance did Chicago keep a list of names of the volunteers? Thanks to all of you for keeping this history alive.
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Thanks for contacting me about your father. Was he on the Patrol and then went on the Chicago Fire Department? They are separate organizations. The Patrol didn’t have volunteers as far as I know. I know they had fire fans who rode along with them but they didn’t do Patrol work. I was unable to locate him in any photo or patrol document. I don’t have a complete data base of every patrolman who was on the Patrol. Do you have any documentation or photos. Please email me at for any further correspondence.  Thanks Keith

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